And just like that Summer is over. Now on to the blustery cold Fall and even more bitterly cold Chicago Winter.

So far Fall has been pleasant. I would like it if it stayed that way til mid November, coming from a photographer – Der. I do enjoy the colder weather, though. I love bundling up, a warm drink, the feeling of thawing out in a warm house. Very nostalgic indeed.

Below is my girl in the the last days of Summer.

I want to start channeling my inner artistic photography side and not ‘care about the technical stuff’. I have been experimenting with free-lensing (some examples below minus the middle photo). It is exactly what it sounds like. You have your lens completely off your camera body and manipulate it up, down, left, right to create effects. It is seriously cool, and I want to play more! It is super nerve wracking to not have it on your camera though. That’s a lot of dough to be potentially dropping ;)

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lake county il family photographerlake county il family photographerlake county il family photographer

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