Holy Moly. May wrapped up a crazy baby boom of ALL boys. I believe I had 6 newborns and 5 were boys! AND to make it more crazy, about 90% off all my newborns booked for the rest of the year are boys as well. Needless to say my boy prop collection has been growing quite a bit! After this huge baby boom I have obviously fallen behind in my blogging (hence the 6 blog posts in one day – sorry!). As I sit here blogging away, I see my husband and kids outside playing which makes me extremely jealous and happy (for the peace and quiet!). But with blogging means I am caught up in editing which is also a good thing! I think once I get the hang of being a full time photographer/mostly stay at home mom now, I will blog a little more personal/fun blogs. Fact: I was a full time Veterinary Technician until recently when went down to 5 hours a week at the hospital to do this full time. I still LOVE helping animals. It’s something that I hold very dear and close to my heart, and always will. Just time to expand on my new journey :)

Newborn photos to make you go, awwww:

Lake county IL newborn Photographer


*If you had any questions regarding what goes into a session with Jessica Weinstock Photography, or if you would like to book a session, please use the contact tab above or email me at jesssicaweinstockphotography@gmail.com. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. It is best to book your session with me about 4-6 weeks in advance (sooner if newborn session) as I can’t guarantee space. Especially in Spring/Summer/Fall*

Every session booked on the weekday in June/July/August gets their session fee for 50% off. (newborns excluded)

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