Ahh, September. When the weather doesn’t know if it should be 95 degrees or 50. We had some really, REALLY hot days in September if I remember correctly. Miserable for a pregnant photographer, yes. But as I sit here typing looking outside at the -10 tundra like scene that plays in my front yard, I would take 95 degrees right about now.

One of my goals for my upcoming maternity leave is to blog, quite a bit. I have really sucked at blogging in 2013. I was better than 2012 at it, sure. But not where I would of liked to of been. So you will probably be seeing a lot of my new nugget on the blog in the coming months. Which is okay by me :) I am going to like to look at him.

Also, becoming a Mommy of 3 may prove to be quite the challenging task for scheduling for Spring, Summer, and Fall. I don’t forsee any changes coming to scheduling at all. But one m0re child = that much more trips to the doctor, and extra activities for my older two. Good thing I upgraded to a Mini Van recently (obsessed with it, too!).

Anywho, enough rambling about my mini van and upgrade to the wonderful life of a Mom of 3. Enjoy some of September below (some of September was previously blogged in the past)!

Lake County IL Family Photographer

*MATERNITY LEAVE: Feb 1-April 1st 2014 :). If thinking about a session with me, please email me at jessicaweinstockphotography@gmail.com or use the contact button on top :) I am happy to answer any questions you may have. It is best to book your session with me about 4-6 weeks in advance (sooner if newborn session) as I can’t guarantee space. Especially in Spring/Summer and Fall*

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Lake County IL Family Photographer

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