Dear photographer me from 4 years ago.

I know you are just starting out in the photography world. Just getting those feet wet and taking on clients. You are charging a miniscule amount for a session trying to practice, practice, practice.

I know you think your skill level colossally sucks right now… But I know you spent hours on the computer til 1am at night, soaking up all the photography knowledge you could. Endless youtube videos, blogs, tutorials, websites, creative live. The list goes on.

I know you stared in awe at these big and great photographers. With this burning passion feeling in your gut. Hoping with all hopes that your own images will inspire you in that way one day.

I know you have stared at that same image for 20 minutes trying to figure out why it doesn’t look the way you want it too.

I know you have had times when you are not totally satisfied with your final outcome.

I know that you can’t say NO to potential clients who just want a cheap photographer and can’t afford you so you cut them a deal.

I know you think you should charge nothing because you think you *aren’t that good* and don’t see your worth.



I know exactly what you are feeling right now.

Please trust me, photographer self from 4 years ago – you do have a long road ahead of you. But knowing you have that in you and wanting to grow is the guts of what it takes to be a great.


To show what I mean, here is a comparison of growth for me personally. This was over an almost 3 year period. Photographs from 4 years ago are archived in the depths of darkness ;)

photography growthIMG_2521_WEBphotography growthphotography growthphotography growthphotography growth

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! I believe in everyone who has a dream and passion for what they love. Get the drive in your heart and you will move mountains!

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