Oh what can I say, I love hanging out with one of my best gals, Carissa. Her two girls are full of life and spunk. We like to call them ‘spirited’. Just like my crazy kids. Its pretty crazy when we get both of our bunches together. Enter: *those* moms in public :)

We planned a shoot to commemorate her daughters’ 4th and 2nd years. Weeks of outfit planning (thanks MakRose and Matilda Jane!). And like us procrastinators we didn’t choose a location til the very last couple days. Oops! I decided to emerge out of my comfort zone and pick a place I have never even been to. Just all hearsay. It turned out fabulous! Sweet little nook with perfect lighting. Makes me happy inside.

Ah to be a sister. To have a sister. I am a sister. I have a sister. There is something about a sisterly connection that is unlike anything else in this world. I get quite bummed sometimes knowing that my daughter will not have a sister close in age to have like I have MY sister. But she still has me :)

Speaking of her, next up on the blog circle is Carissa! I participate in a monthly blog circle featuring some really talented photographers!! Check her out here!!

Lake County IL child Photographer

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Lake County IL child Photographer

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