Almost all of my baby planners (1st year package babies) are close to ‘graduating’. I so love watching them grow before my very eyes. 9 months is a funny age because the ‘stranger danger’ sets in and new surroundings sometimes worries them. My daughter had ‘stranger danger’ pretty much from the day she was born til she was 2. It was quite a daunting task having to try to break her of thinking some of her own family members were scary. But we overcame. Fast forward to today, her 2 year old brother knows no strangers. Total opposites. Funny how that works.

This sweet, growing boy visited me this past weekend. I can pretty much guarantee he is going to be a future sports star of some kind. His Mommy is in denial of how fast he is growing. I can feel her pain with my current large baby syndrome going on in our house. Makes you a little weepy.

Check out some of the session below. Note some of the basketball jersey photos!

Lake county il child photographer

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Lake County IL Child Photographer

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