I love seeing families come together for a photo session! When we grow up, leave the home, become adults – we tend to not see our Moms and Dads, Brothers and Sisters, as much as we would like to. I need to get my own family together for a shoot as well. Between my sister and I and our two step-sons, there are 7 grandchildren now. Add my ‘step dad’s grandchildren and its going on 11! Parties are getting difficult to find a host to say the least.

I loved meeting this family recently for our shoot. Both sisters are pregnant at the same time and due within weeks of each other. Just like my sister and I were with our last pregnancies. It is so special to share that time with your sister. Indescribable. I am sure they will enjoy their growing families as much as we enjoy ours.

It was a bummer that this horrific Chicago weather didn’t play nice for our session day and bring us beautiful Spring colors yet. We made due in the studio and got some wonderful shots. Enjoy some favorites below.

Lake county il family photographer

If thinking about a session with me, please email me at jessicaweinstockphotography@gmail.com or use the contact button on top :) I am happy to answer any questions you may have. It is best to book your session with me about 4-6 weeks in advance (sooner if newborn session) as I can’t guarantee space. Especially in Spring/Summer and Fall*

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Lake County IL Family Photographer

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