Location scouting tips for photographers

Location scouting

As we start outdoor shooting season, finding new locations can be super intimidating. Especially for those who are newer photographers. Here are a few tips for location scouting.

1. Create a list of local preserves to you and drive around near the time you’re shooting to get a better idea of how the light is. Make sure to check to see if they require permits when shooting.

2. Google earth. You can basically scout from your computer.

3. The Sun Seeker app. It will show you in real time where the sun will be when you are scouting a location. I use this ALL. THE. TIME.

4. Google image search different locations that you were looking at.

5. If your client wants to shoot at a location far away from where you usually shoot totally feel free to ask others who normally shoot in that location if they have any suggestions. I know personally it is almost impossible to go scout a location that is an hour away from you.

6. If you see a private property that has shooting potential, ask the owners. You may be surprised.

7. Instagram. Search hashtags for the area you want to scout. You can find some really unique areas that way.

Locations can be something that are very personal to a photographer. Think outside the box and try to be unique and different. Shooting where everyone else is shooting doesn’t create that uniqueness that you should have with your brand. Set yourself apart by shooting in something new and different.




Location scouting


Location scouting


Location scouting