April showers bring May flowers, right – RIGHT?! Well, we didn’t really have much April showers. Snow showers, sure. Rain? Not really. So, all that yucky Spring rain has delayed into May which means inside play time at the Landers abode (my married last name – fun fact!). Inside play with 3 kids consists of messes. Lots and lots of messes. Not just ‘a couple toys here and there,’ mess. More like ‘lets take every bin of toys we can possibly find and turn them upside down on every open surface of the house’ kind of mess. Sure this Momma has some messes of her own. Like the 2 bins of 3 month clothes my 11 week old baby is too big for already, still needing to be stored somewhere. Anywhere at this point. You don’t even want to see my desk. I pretty much just clear off a spot big enough for my keyboard. No shame!

At the end of the day – messes may be stressful, sure. But, those messes made my sweet (sometimes) little kids happy for a brief moment. And I have to be thankful for that. Messes can always be cleaned up. But the innocence of a child should be preserved – in what ever booger face state it is in.

Lake County IL family photographer

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Lake County IL Family Photographer

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