I have loved watching my sweet Niece and Nephew grow up over these last almost 7 months. It has really flown by. I remember their sweet little 4.5 lb selves being displayed for all of us to see through the NICU glass on that October morning. Born at just 33 weeks and a day after their momma’s birthday, they did amazing! They only spent 11/12 days there before being discharged. Today they are thriving. On track with everything they are supposed to be doing.

I have to say, watching my sister become a mother has been one of the most rewarding things. I know a ton of people say ‘I could never do 2 (or more) at once. Heck, I even think that some days. One is hard enough. But she never once has complained. She has scarified a lot of herself for her two sweet babies. From the grueling process of egg retrieval and IVF, one failed attempt ending in a (early) loss, and an emergency c-section. She has exclusively pumped breast milk for them since day 1 as well. A task that is daunting just coming from the stand point of a mom who did it at work (3x a day) when I worked at the animal hospital. I am not saying she is better than any other mother, of course not. Every mother deserves major props in this world. Hardest and most rewarding job. I just have to hand it to her for giving 100% of herself to these little humans with no complaint. She is the kind of mother I look to be one day (along with my own mother of course!).

Lake County IL child photographer

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Lake County IL Child Photographer

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