All of my heart right here…

I feel like these past 2 years of growing my business, I have really missed out on a lot with my kids. A lot. And this breaks my heart into a million little pieces.

How many smiles have I missed because I was browsing Facebook on my phone? My Son who is 15 months will come hand me my phone when its left somewhere like it was physically part of me. I get a little pang in my heart every time he does that.

How many giggles have I not gotten to hear because Mommy has to go return emails?

How many fears have I not gotten to help crush because I just wasn’t there?

They are only small once.

At the end of the day. It doesn’t matter how many Facebook likes I have, how fast I read and responded to an email, or how many likes a photo got.

They matter.

Priorities are changing. And these guys are becoming my #1 like they should be.

Putting down the cell phone. Scheduling time for business in my day. They need their Momma 100% more than anyone in this world.

I love these two so, so much.

gurnee Family Photographer gurnee Family Photographer gurnee Family Photographer

*One of my goals this year is to photograph my own creatures more and actually print and canvas them*

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