What gets my heart fluttering more than anything in the whole world? A fresh squishy newborn, that’s what. Nooooothing is better. Since my own buddah babies grow like weeds, I miss that newborn phase really quick. AND now especially since our baby factory is closed (wahhh). I get those extra cuddles at newborn sessions!

Sweet Niko totally made my heart flutter when I met him at our session. It was SUCH an honor to be asked to photograph him as his momma is a fellow photographer at Angel Michelle Photography. I can vouch first hand, after you have a baby, you do not want to/have the energy to do a full newborn session. Nope. I think I would of rather slept 3 days straight then get hot and sweaty photographing my own baby for several hours in a row. I think that holds 100 times more true when you have older children to deal with as well.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from our session together. I can’t wait to deliver these to Niko’s Mommy!

lake county il newborn photographer

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Lake County IL newborn Photographer