Secrets for candid family pictures

secrets for candid family photos

Ever wonder how some photographers get those natural smiles and emotions in their family photographs? Getting those natural interactions and emotions in photographs are key to avoid stiff and unflattering poses when photographing your clients. Here are a few tricks of the trade that I have picked up over the years that I swear by!


1.Feather/wool duster. May sound weird – but it works! Great for tickling feet and faces for genuine laughs. Get one that is at least 2 feet long so you can snap and tickle at the same time. I use this one: Norpro 24-Inch Pure Lambs Wool Duster with Wood Handle

2. Ask them their favorite food then ask them if they like the ‘booger’, ‘fart’, ‘stinky feet’ version of it. IE: Do you like booger pizza?!

3. Fart blaster. Ummm what? Trust me. This is hands down my BEST trick down my sleeve for making kids laugh during a session. Pretend to fart and press the button, it gets kids rollin’. It is the mini minion fart blaster. I use this one: Thinkway Toys Despicable Me 3-Mini Fart Blaster Keychain

4. Camera creature. Those little animals that wrap around your camera lens? GOLD for babies. The ones I use also have a squeaker in them as well which grab baby’s attention (and works for dogs well!). I use this peacock one: Camera Creatures Perky Peacock Posing Prop

5. Hand puppet. So easy to tell a story to littles with a puppet. Go in close and tickle them with the puppet, smiles every time. I use this super inexpensive one: Aurora World Jolie Giraffe Plush Hand Puppet, 10″

6. Older kids can be tough cookies to crack sometimes. Tell mom or dad to whisper in their ear about the grossest thing they remember them doing. You will get genuine smiles and reactions from that older child + the parents will have that same reaction.


Try them out! I would love to see what you come up with. Feel free to send me a message any time with questions or to show me how these tips worked for you!!


xoxo Jess