I love sunset. That warm back lit light is nothing short of amazing. I love it, that is me. That is what I do. I have been scouting lots of new locations this year that compliment the sunset – I found a few gems!

I do have to let (who ever reads this) know that the ticks are TERRIBLE this year. SO SO bad. Several clients have found them on them (not attached). I found one on my neck last weekend. BLEHHHH. I have been bringing bug spray with me to sessions but sometimes I forget to reapply in the thick of the session. Please remember to check yourselves and children after sessions or being outside in general.

Take a second to check out these faves from a recent sunset session!

lake county il family photographer

If thinking about a session with me, please email me at jessicaweinstockphotography@gmail.com or use the contact button on top :) I am happy to answer any questions you may have. It is best to book your session with me about 4-6 weeks in advance (sooner if newborn session) as I can’t guarantee space. Especially in Spring/Summer and Fall*

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Lake County IL Family Photographer

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