Every so often I get a lovely pair of twins that grace my studio with their cuteness. This pair of brothers was just that. I first met their parents at their maternity session several months back. We did it rather early because you know, twins like to come early. So we needed that buffer. Turns out Mom held those sweet babies in til almost 40 weeks!! After a long battle with infertility, these parents got their two bundles. They are so so loved by them and all their family. These boys are going to grow up with an awesome family.

Doing their session brought back nostalgia of my sisters session with her twins. They are 9 months old now. Tear. I will be gearing up for their 9 month session very soon!

It’s blog circle time again! Click this link to enjoy the next person on the list, the talented Brandi Williamson of Brandi Williamson Photography!

Enjoy a few of my twin favorites!

lake county il newborn photographer

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Lake County IL newborn Photographer

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