This fellow is seriously one of my favorite children ever. I want to keep him. His parents are pretty rad as well if I do say so myself. I have been seeing him since he has been a tiny little baby and he just gets cuter every single time I see him. Hello to one of my favorite locations as well. A sweet little spot in Lincolnshire. Its also *shudders* super tick filled. Be careful! I said this in a recent blog, the ticks are BAD BAD BAD. Every year they get worse. In my vet tech days I was a tick hunter on dogs. I could find one from a mile away. Ticks didn’t scare me one bit. But now that I am dealing with them on people, it grosses me out! Be sure to bring bug spray to sessions (I pack some as well!)

Are you kidding me with this boy? Him and mine would get along splendidly.

Lake County IL Family Photographer

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Lake County IL Family Photographer

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